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Since 2014, a directional education is not necessary to obtain a private investigator’s license. The change in the law resulted in a flood of people providing private detective services without the necessary knowledge and experience. Our database of detective offices and agencies includes only private detectives with a minimum of five years of experience and a current detective license.

We try to keep our list always up to date. Detective agencies and bureaus are required to fill out a survey about the services they provide and send a statement about the number and experience of the detectives employed in the company. After verification of the submitted documents, the agency is added to the list.


Professional services for collecting evidence that can be used in court cases.

Gathering evidence requires knowledge of both operational techniques and the law. Not all evidence obtained may be recognized by the court. Knowing how to collect evidence correctly is crucial.


A private investigation is an ideal solution both to check your own clues and to verify the correctness of the actions of uniformed services.

If you have concerns about the involvement of uniformed services in your case or you want to check it before reporting it to state authorities, contact a private detective for help.


Searching for missing and hiding people.

There are many reasons for searching for people. Not only this service applies to criminal matters but also to the search for missing family members, friends, old acquaintances.


Economic intelligence and counterintelligence is a wide spectrum of activities aimed at supporting business. It includes e.g. checking business partners, vetting employees, securing the meeting place and many other operational activities.


Gathering information on a given topic. Device data recovery.

Computer forensics are increasingly used and are divided into many types. If you are looking for reliable, proven information about a business partner, a newly met person, an employee, this service is for you.

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Recommended detective offices and agencies operating in the country and abroad. After clicking, you will be redirected to the website of the selected private investigator. It is with him that you directly determine the scope and costs of the order, we do not charge any commission for it.

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Detective offices and agencies, gathered on our website, cover not only Poland and Europe, but also the United States and Middle East countries.


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